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Misfit Refuge Counseling

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(formerly Covenant Family Wellness, LLC)

Strength-based, holistic, spiritually-inclusive counseling that's tailored for you. 


A Virtual Sanctuary of Acceptance and Support for Ohio and Florida

Our Practice —

The Misfit Refuge Approach 

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At Misfit Refuge Counseling and Coaching, we are a virtual sanctuary of acceptance and support for marginalized or misunderstood neurodivergents. Through spiritually-inclusive therapy, we help teen and adult clients embrace their unique selves, find confidence in their identity, and connect with a community. Our approach is centered around the belief that everyone deserves a safe space to explore their feelings and experiences. We strive to create a non-judgmental and compassionate environment where our clients can feel heard, seen, and understood.

"You are not a misfit. You are a gift."

- Dr. Nicole LePera


Our Services

Woodland Path



Our individual therapy sessions are designed to help you overcome personal struggles, process difficult emotions, and build healthy coping mechanisms. Our therapists are trained to work with a diverse range of clients, including those who identify as neurodivergent.



Our couples and family therapy sessions are designed to help improve communication, deepen intimacy, and work through relationship challenges. Our therapists are trained to work with all types of couples and families, especially those who identify as neurodivergent.



Our group therapy sessions provide a safe and supportive space for clients to connect with others who share similar experiences. These sessions are facilitated by our therapists and are open to all clients.

Speciality Areas:


Whether it's from childhood, the loss of relationships, neglect, spiritual abuse, or other causes, we work to help understand, rewrite, and heal from this.

Neurodivergent Adults

Everyone is unique and wonderful, and those who identify as Highly Sensitive People, Neurodivergent (Neurospicy!), or Autistic have their own wonderful gifts and needs that we find in therapy.


We understand the executive functioning, rejection sensitivity, inattention and other facets of ADHD - on more than just a cognitive level - we work from a point of strength and understanding. 

Anxiety / Depression

The core of why most people start looking for therapy, feeling anxious or depressed happens - we meet this with a non-judgmental approach, helping you to manage these thoughts, feelings, and actions. 


Whether you need a counselor who will be open to spirituality, work through spiritual trauma with you, or just understand your spiritual needs, we are knowledgeable and open to this. 


Break ups, make ups, and glow ups - we help you at all stages of relationships to find - and love - yourself again. We help you build healthy boundaries and work through what your need are for a relationship.

Meet the Team

Our team of misfits is here to help you embrace your inner strengths. One of the most important factors for successful therapy is the rapport with your therapist - get to know us a little better here - or click a pic and go to the therapist's page.

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At Misfit Refuge Counseling, we recognize that every person is unique and that counseling is a highly individual and personalized process. We work with you to create a safe and supportive environment that meets your specific needs and goals.

The Counseling Process


Intake Process

Our Intake Session is designed to help us understand your needs and determine the best path forward for your mental health. Using questionnaires and interviews, we will work to uncover the issues you are facing and create a plan to overcome them. We believe in a strengths-based approach to therapy and will work with you to identify and build upon your unique traits. Lastly, we will discuss your therapy goals and develop a roadmap to help you achieve them.


Regular Sessions

At our counseling practice, we offer regular sessions that provide a safe and supportive space for you to work towards achieving your goals. Whether you're looking to learn new coping skills, process stressors, or work on understanding your past, I am here to help. Our 45-60 minute sessions are tailored to your unique needs, and we will work together to find a pacing that is comfortable for you.


Schedule a Consultation

We offer free 15-minute consultations, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our approach to counseling and coaching. Our online platform makes it easy to connect with us from anywhere, so you can try the technology before committing to a full session. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards positive change.

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