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Holding Hands

Start Your Journey Here

Getting started with therapy is an important step. We try to standardize this in the best way possible. We encourage you to take a few moments to read through the questions below in order to best serve your needs. 

"How does the process work?"

The smoothest way is to schedule a 15-minute consultation with your chosen therapist to explain your reasons for therapy, what you're looking for, and to ask any important questions (make sure you keep reading since we've tried to answer many of these). 

"What are your rates/payment arrangements?"

Our cash rates are as follows:
60-minute Intake - $150

60-minute recurring session - $125

45-minute recurring session - $105

Payment is expected at the time of service

For clients not using insurance, your provider will give you a Good Faith Estimate after the intake to let you know what to expect in terms of financial investment in therapy.

A limited number of sliding scale spots may be open - please contact your provider for this.

"Can I use insurance?"

We accept most major insurances:*
Anthem BC/BS, Aetna & Aetna Better Health, CareSource, Cigna / Evernorth, Medical Mutual, Molina, Ohio Healthy, and United Healthcare (not all providers take all plans - check their individual pages for details).


We do take Medicaid as well and are just starting the process of Medicare.

Before we start the process, we can run a benefit check for your insurance (or you can call the number on the back of your card) to determine what you might owe*  

*Insurances are billed as a courtesy. Ultimately the client is responsible for full payment of the bill.

"How do we meet?"

All sessions take place on our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted platform. We also keep HIPAA-compliant Zoom and/or Google Meet as backup in case of problems.

We do NOT use Facebook, Facetime, Friendface (for The IT Crowd) or other sort of non-compliant platforms as these are not in the best interest of the client or clinician.

Occasionally clinicians may also meet via phone if there are technical issues, but this limits our clinical abilities as there's no visual feedback. 

We currently have no physical office spaces for clients to meet with us.

"Can you see me if I'm in a state other than Ohio or Florida?"



  • Ethically, we are not permitted to practice outside of our states of licensure - and our clinicians have worked hard for their licenses. 

  • While an Interstate Counseling Compact is coming in 2024 (maybe), the details of this are still being worked out and we cannot accommodate any out-of-state clients until we know what this will entail. ("The only thing that saves us from bureaucracy is its inefficiency" -Eugene McCarthy) 

"What Clients Do You NOT take?"

  • Clients needing medication management (including pharmaceuticals outside of the scope of traditional medicine). We do not have the expertise and education to help you safely navigate this.

  • Clients with emergent/urgent safety concerns: because we're a small office with limited staff, we do not have the availability to take calls on an urgent basis. We try to keep our caseloads manageable enough to work in sessions within a few days, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

  • Couples in crisis: if a couple is not able to regulate around each other, it's recommended that they find individual therapy first (or concurrently) before trying to connect with each other. 

  • Young children: Due to the limitations of clinician skills and the video platform, young children often have a hard time connecting. In addition, these problems are often systemic family issues. If this is the case, please schedule a consultation to see if this is right.

  • Clients seeking disability determination or accommodations only or those in complicated legal matters; while we will provide this paperwork for established clients, we do not specialize in this sort of determination. 

  • Clients seeking conversion therapy or any other forced therapy on another individual. We are happy to provide support for whatever life change you might undertake for yourself, but we believe in the free will and free agency for all who come to therapy, no matter their defining characteristics.  

  • Clients needing immigration evaluations

Are you ready?

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