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Navigating Our System - Existing Clients

The hub of our practice is our EHR (Electronic Health Record) - a balance of information that is both accessible and private. You can find most things here behind a password-protected client portal. Please take care to keep your passwords safe - and if you are notified of any kind of leaks, please change it as soon as possible to protect your privacy. And also... do not use "12345" ... on this system or on your luggage.

  1. To access the portal, go to:

2) From here, if you want to make an appointment, you can select either option. You can log in and then request appointment or request an appointment and then log in.

3) On your home screen, you have access to appointments, any documents shared or requested, and - everyone's favorite part - your bill.

4) You can click "manage appointments" to change or cancel appointments as long as you are outside of 24 hours of the appointment. During the 24-hour period, your appointment is set and your time is reserved. If you need to change or cancel, you will need to contact your clinician and pay the cancelation fee (currently $30). Clients who are using Medicaid / Medicare are exempt from this, however if they cancel or reschedule twice in a 12-month, they can be closed out and referrals will be given if requested.

5) For client who have homework assigned or notes shared, you will find these in the documents section of the portal. You can review, save, or download these depending on what's needed.

6) You can also click your initials in the top right, and go to settings. From here you can change your password, adjust your reminders, or even close your portal account.

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